LED Therapy

LED Therapy is a recent addition to skin rejuvenation and treatment procedures where a specialised red light is used to renew your skin. LED is fantastic for sun-damaged and mature skin, acne or simply tired and lifeless skin.

It involves the interaction of light delivered through Light Emitting Diodes to activate cell receptors and bring about cellular changes in your skin. Various wavelengths/colours are selected and each wavelength has a specific cellular function.

For example:

  • Blue light is selected to kill bacteria assisting in the healing of acne and break out skins.
  • Red is selected for fibroblast stimulation and ATP production, which in turn makes collagen to reduce the signs of ageing.

Soul Skin uses Max 7 LED therapy, which gives a choice of 7 colours. Wavelengths vary between 420nm and 830 and do NOT include exposure to UVA or UVB. This is a safe and deeply relaxing treatment beneficial for just about everybody.

LED works beautifully in combination with other treatments such as Peels, Microdermabrasion, Dermal Rolling and Intense Pulse Light.

It is a non-invasive treatment that leaves you feeling and looking fantastic. Call us for more information on any of our beauty salon services.

  • LED Facial$155

    LED is a non-thermal light for facial treatments and body health. A variation of colours (wavelengths or nanometres) reach varying layers of skin cells and body tissue, activating cell receptors that create changes for improved skin health and skin function. It is deeply relaxing and has virtually no contraindications. We see amazing changes in the skin function as a standalone treatment but when combined with an enzyme facial you’ll feel truly relaxed and love the healing and restorative benefits of LED.

  • Add LED to your treatment$40

    You can add LED therapy to any treatment.