Lash & Brow Treatments

As the old proverb says, the eyes are the windows of the soul and at Soul Skin Torquay we allow your eyes to shine by providing some gorgeous eye treatments. Our tempting range includes eyelash extensions and refills, eyelash tints and eyebrow tints. See our treatment prices listed below and either call us for a booking or fill out our enquiry form.

Lash lift is a revolution in eye lash perming that lasts up tp 8 weeks. Evenly lifts lashes to new heights. Our brilliant Lash Lift can define, curl and enhance your natural lashes for up to 8 weeks, in one simple appointment. With a Lash Lift you can enjoy beautifully lifted lashes that open the eye and enhance the length and shape of your lashes, safely and semi-permanently (5-8 weeks) Combine a Lash Lift with a Lash Tint for the ultimate lash treatment to truly make the most of what you have.

Henna is also an exciting new treatment that Soul Skin Torquay now provides, giving you the perfect addition to your brow sculpting service. Henna tinting ‘stains’ the skin more effectively than regular tinting and sets to a powder like matte finish that last 2-4 weeks depending on the skin type. This treatment is suited to sensitive skin types and those lacking a full brow.

We love Brows.  We love Lashes and we know very face shape is unique.  A full consultation is offered with each service and we know how to get the look you want. We map out your desired look and take notice so others can notice you. Its what we take pride in. Check out our Instagram page for our before and afters.

Lash & Brow
  • Lash Lift & Tint$125

    With this procedure your natural lashes are lifted up and filled with a special pigment infusion. As a result, you have thick, dark lashes that beautiful curve upwards. This creates the universally desired “open eye” look. The boosting and lifting effect lasts for 8-12 weeks, which is the natural life cycle of the eyelash. The treatment also involves the application of coenzymeQ10 gel pads to the under-eye area, which have anti-aging properties.

  • Brow Shape$30

    Redefining your preferred Brow Shape with Wax Hair Removal.

  • Brow Tint$25

    Adjusting the Brow Colour to Colour Match your Hair or Colour Preferences.

  • Brow Shape & Tint$45

    Redefine the Brow Shape and Colour Matching the brow to create the perfectly finished Brow.

  • Lash Tint$30

    Brightening the appearance of your Eye Lashes, creating a more noticeable contrast to further highlight your eyes.

  • Lash Tint & Brow Tint$40

    Bring a more defined and clearer brow shape and lashes, perfectly teamed together to draw attention to your eyes.

  • Brow & Lash Tint with Brow Shape$65

    Create the perfect Brow Shape, with a specially formulated Brow Colour to match your preferences or colour match your hair, as well as offering the lashes a deeper contrast to perfectly shaped eye area.

  • Henna Brows with Shape$59

    Refine the Brow Shape to your preference, then conclude with a tint that will last x2 as long as your regular tint for a longer term results.

  • Henna Brow Colour$40

    The perfect solution for your Brows that fade too quickly from a regular tint - Henna is a semi-permanent tint that offers longer lasting results.