Skin Corrective Treatments / Peels

A skin corrective facial is the ultimate in body treatments, as your skin is treated with a variety of regenerative and restorative procedures so you feel and look fantastic. Our range of facials includes a refreshing facial and the Soul Skin intense hydrating facial – all facials use natural products by Advanced Skin Technology and all are performed by a qualified beauty therapist. See our prices and facials listed below and contact us for more information. We have a range of beauty salon services that are the ultimate treat for you.

Skin Workouts

A curated collection of our signature skin treatments designed to intensify results.

  • Clear & Calm (calming) (45 mins)$110

    Strengthen the skin with this nourishing facial treat designed to calm sensitivity and reduce redness and rosacea. Clearing congestion and detoxifying the skin this treatment will create a more balanced complexion that is smooth and supple.

  • Age Defy - Vitamin A Peels$149

    Vitamin A treatments are specifically designed to treatageing concerns by stimulating natural collagen production to increase cellular renewal. Vitamin A Peels are extremely effective in treating acne and hyperpigmentation, including melasma

  • Soul Skin Medi Facial$139

    This is one of our favourite facials amongst our clients. It combines satifying results, targets your skin concerns and gives that luxury good old facial massage and indulgence.

  • Skin Bright (brightening) (60 mins)$149

    Revitalise a dull, tired skin with this invigorating and brightening facial therapy designed specifically to treat age spots and unwanted pigmentation. A corrective treatment that will transform an uneven skin tone, revealing a healthy radiant glow.

  • Salycillic Peels - 30 mins119

    Sallycilic Peels are an intense application of acid peels, delivering smooth and refined flawless skin. There a re 3 levels of peels, for acne, ageing and pgiment issues. Some preparation is required.

  • Peptide Peel - 45mins129

    Manage the visible signs of aging with a blend of potent peptide and stem cell technology to reveal smoother, younger-looking skin. This gentle, metabolic treatment offers exfoliation with Lactic Acid and Retinol to help reduce the look of aging skin and to help unveil a brighter and suppler looking complexion

DMK Facials

DMK enzyme therapy works with the internal functions of the skin to increase, circulation, oxygenation and lymphatic drainage by using reverse osmosis to ‘back flush’ fluids through the cell wall, leaving a clean, clear, toxin free skin matrix. Enhances collagen production strengthening and firming the skin and can also induce the ‘plasmatic effect’ in the skin by dilating of the peripheral capillaries and improving cellular oxygen uptake and delivering fresh nutrients to the skin. Enzyme therapy is the only treatment of its kind in the world and uses transfer messenger enzymes to enhance optimal skin function.

  • Transdermal Skin Nutrition Therapy$120

    A trans-dermal treatment designed and tailored to suit your personal skin concerns using DMK products we will stabilise the skin, regulate dysfunctions refine texture and infuse customised serums

  • Rejuvenating Peel $119

    A professional treatment that performs a controlled micro- removal of epidermis. Using a pharmaceutical-grade combo of AHA’s and BHA’s with minimal downtime leaving the skin instantly radiant and glowing. For added results & glow we suggest LED as the perfe4ct add on.

  • Enzyme level 1$190

    DMK’s entry level enzyme facial – increase, circulation, oxygenation and lymphatic drainage. Enhances collagen production strengthening and firming the skin and can improve cellular oxygen uptake and delivering fresh nutrients to the skin. *Enzyme Therapy (no pre-exfoliation) $130*

  • Enzyme level 2 (muscle banding)$200

    Muscle banding is about acting in advance to prevent the signs of aging. Muscle banding will lift and firm the skin as well as revising the structure of aged and/or weakened skin.

  • Enzyme level 3 (Double exfoliation)$230

    Up the Anti and get double the results! Building on the results from enzyme therapy, your Skin Therapist will choose two advanced exfoliation techniques to further push your results. Incredible for acne and pigmented skin.

  • Instant lift $250

    This triple enzyme combination of 1, 2 and 3 is the perfect treatment for a special occasion with breath taking results. Desired by many for its instant lifting and tightening qualities, it is perfect for special occasions! This treatment will have you red carpet ready and is the ultimate in anti-aging.

  • Alkaline hair removalLip $30 Half face $80

    An effective alternative to remove the fluffy hairs of the face. The Alkaline wash softens, swells and dissolves unwanted hair and dead skin on the face and body.

DMK Paramedical Peels
  • 6-layer peel$1,599

    Ideal for aging, glycations, open pores, light pigmentation and thin skin.

  • RP peel – remodelling procedure$1,699

    Suitable for pigmentation, sun damage, acne scars, lines and wrinkles.

  • Mini RP – Remodelling peel with enzyme$339

    For those who want results but don’t want downtime. One application of our RP peel followed with enzyme therapy to rebuild the skin – Light peeling may occur.

Facial add-ons
  • LED Therapy$30
  • Alkaline Hair Removal$30-80
  • Medi-Pedi (foot facial)$40
  • Vitamin C ampule$50
  • Second exfoliation$20