Skin Analysis at Soul Skin Torquay

Want to know what’s really going on beneath your skin?

Here at Soul Skin Torquay, we use our OBSERV Facial Scanner to have an in-depth look into what is happening underneath the skins surface. This medical imaging device contains a diagnostic camera which provides us with six images using specific light modes to accurately analyse your skin health.

Below we will explain how each lighting mode helps us to understand your skin and how to better correct the effects that everyday life has on the skin.

  1. Daylight Mode

Daylight mode allows us to view the skin in its most neutral form. Facial features are evenly illuminated and enhanced as there are no shadows present. This allows for a clinical evaluation of your skin in a controlled natural daylight environment.

  1. Cross-Polarised Mode

Cross-Polarised mode identifies and visually shows vascular conditions in the skin such as redness, discolouration, rosacea, acne, inflammation, pigmentation, sensitive areas, and overall skin tone. Great for identifying any areas for improvement!

  1. Parallel Polarised Mode.

Parallel Polarised mode enhances skin surface and texture. This allows us to detect fine lines, wrinkles, pore size and visibility as well as dehydration- a common condition that is especially present in the Winter.

  1. True UV Mode

True UV mode identifies hidden skin conditions not visible under normal lighting. This is especially helpful to detect where pigment is residing in the skin as well as highlighting general areas of sun damage and inflammation.

  1. Woods Mode

Woods mode detects how much oil and water the skin is producing. A great image for identifying dryness and dehydration.

  1. Complexion Mode.

Complexion mode is probably the most exciting of them all! This gives us insight into how the skin will develop if there is no intervention. A truly great image to create a treatment plan specifically for you so we can get you on the path to truly great skin.

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