Massage in Torquay makes back-to-work easier

Reduce tension with massage therapy in Torquay.

Massage in Torquay

Getting back into work can be a pain – literally! If you find yourself with aches and pains, we offer a range of highly-effective massages in Torquay. Take time out to relax and recharge your batteries, while we help your body reset.

The festive season break is a great chance to unwind and let all the tension from the year flow out of our bodies. Returning to work can be a bit of a shock to the system, especially if you spend your days looking at a computer screen.

While there are things you can do at work to ease the stress on your body, there’s nothing like enjoying one of our specialised massages at our Torquay salon. Our qualified massage therapists offer a range of different therapies to suit your needs. Simply lie down, close your eyes and let our expertise drain your tension away.

We’ll let you in on a little secret – we love using Pure Fiji Virgin Coconut oil in our massage treatments. Not only will you leave feeling relaxed and smelling delicious, your skin will thank you for the extra attention!

Whether you just need a soothing touch to ease tension, or a deep tissue massage to target muscle congestion and release toxins, our trained therapists offer treatments ranging from 30 minutes to 90 minutes. No matter how much time you have, we’ll make sure you feel relaxed and ready to face the world when you walk out.

Please contact us to find out more or to book your massage in Torquay.