Massage Torquay, Victoria

Our lives are busy as we all juggle home, family, work, social and so many other commitments. There rarely seems to be a moment to take time out for ourselves. This is where Soul Skin is the answer as we give you the space to not only unwind mentally, but to relax physically.

We provide a range of massages to select from including Deep Tissue Massage, Relaxing Massages, Aromatherapy Massage and Pregnancy Massage. All our massages are given by fully qualified therapists who ensure you receive the best treatment. We use Pure Fiji Virgin Coconut oil which is naturally aromatic and healthy for your skin.

A Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) therapist is available at limited times for Full body Manual lymph drainage. 90 mins is a mandatory for this treatment.

See our prices below and contact us for a booking. You will walk out our doors ready to face the world again!

Massage Pricelist

90 minute massage $135
75 minute massage $115
60 minute massage $95
45 minute massage $75
30 minute massage $55
Sugar & Coconut Body Scrub – 45 minutes $90
Extra Aromatherapy (Excluding Pregnancy) $10

Relaxation massage

Leave stress and tension behind. Let our therapist’s experienced hands melt away tight muscles and release your body’s ‘feel good’ chemicals, leaving you with a greater sense of calm.

Deep tissue massage

A firmer therapeutic massage designed to reach tension points deep within muscle tissue. Our experienced therapist will use firm strokes to release muscular congestion and toxins and achieve improved blood and oxygen circulation.

Pregnancy massage

Specially designed for mums-to-be with comfortable positioning and lots of hip and back assistance.