What you need to know about lash lifts with Soul Skin Torquay

With the rise and fall of trends in the fast and everchanging world of beauty, we’re sure that you’ve heard of eyelash extensions, serums, glue on false lashes and so on. Here at Soul Skin Torquay, we are driven by the desire to provide our clients with services that enhance and embrace their natural features.

With many services available for us to offer our clients with, we believe in the power of a Lash Lift which is a semi-permanent curling treatment. It provides the lashes with a lifted and beautiful curl, opening up the eye and when combined with a Lash Tint, you can say goodbye to your everyday mascara!

The best is still yet to come as there is absolutely zero maintenance required to keep your lashes looking their best! One treatment every 6-8 weeks is all you need. The treatment itself is both painless and non-invasive. It involves perming solutions and smoothing out the lashes to get a natural fluttery look. Adding a tint is optional and you will only require to give us an hour of your time.

Our skin and beauty therapists are all extremely knowledgeable and highly trained to provide you with a perfect result and a comfortable experience.

For more information regarding a Lash Lift Treatment please contact us at Soul Skin Torquay on 03 5261 5560. We can’t wait to give you the lashes of your dreams!