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THE RP, Peels away dead, redundant skin while it works to help rebuild stronger, healthier functioning skin cells to revise the condition’s cause.

The RP is designed to remodel the architecture of the skin and revise dysfunctional processes that have developed as a result of ageing and sun damage. Reconstructing and returning the skin to its original functioning condition, RP does more than just revise signs of ageing. This intensive peel is ideal for skin affected by acne, pigmentation, ageing, sun damage, scarring, and stretch marks, as it peels away the old skin and restructures the new skin from deep within.

Let’s take a look at what involved

The RP peel is a 10 day procedure that peels away dead, redundant skin while rebuilding a healthy, stronger skin cell.  The process is 2 days of peel application in clinic, then an enzyme lift off at day 5 and 10, again done in clinic with our paramedical therapist. Each individuals down time will vary but your skin takes up to two months to complete its full remodelling process.


So how does this treatment work? 

Using a potent mix of AHAs, BHAs and Vitamin A, this multi layer treatment works to dramatically improve skin tone, texture and significantly reduce the signs of ageing like deep wrinkles, sagging and sun damage. It is also fantastic for new and old pitted scarring. Basically as the names suggests it is remodeling the skin back to its past self. As I said we perform the treatment over 10 days, however your skin continues to repair, rebuild and regenerate for months after the treatment is performed. Your skin will have an extremely dramatic peeling effect which really is the upper layers of your dermis shedding off, revealing new smooth skin.

This really is such a cool & strange thing to see however the peel is sooo much more that just peeling. What we can’t see is the skin is rebuilding from the inside out and the peeling is just the smallest part of what is happening deep within the layers of the skin. The peeling phase instigates the second phase of reconstruction and the skin will continue to remodel itself over the next 6 months.

Prepping for a RP (Remodeling procedure)  

Preparation and a thorough consultation is key when performing an advanced skin treatment like the RP. We always perform a minimum of 2 DMK enzyme treatments prior to commencing the application of peel solution. The DMK Enzyme is the absolute hero in this program, and is a crucial part of pre-and post-care . Your skin will need to be prepped for a minimum of 2 weeks prior with specific home ingredients. Your home care will also play and huge role in you overall results.

So what products do you need to prep on?

EFAS – Internal supplement for skin health EFA ULTRA TABLETS

Betagel – Skin healing and immunity

Vit C – Pigment inhibitor

Revitosin- Vitamin A (Vitamin A is a very important part of the prepping stage. This is applied every night for 14 days. The skin may become slightly dry and pigmentation may become darker in colour. This is caused by the skin cells moving quickly to the surface.)

Contraderm crème – soothing cream


Now let’s break down the days



The first application of the Peel, this is usually done in the afternoon so you can go home and relax after (think ubereats and movie night) The first application is like an intense peel, most people are nervous as its generally their first “big peel” we recommend taking 4-6 Relax tablets (Get them here)20 minutes prior to your appointment to help calm your nerves. Your therapist will run you through all the details again and how the application will happen. This appointment takes 45-60 minutes in total including consult and debrief times. After the final application you will go home and leave the peel on for 12 hours.

Allie – “My skin was surprisingly fine, Feeling good”



Day 2

Day two is the second application of the RP peel, it is a little less scary as you know what to expect! Some pigment may already be coming to the surface and your skin may feel tight and dry upon waking. Tonight is another chill out night – No cooking over a hot stove tonight!

Allie – “My skin got a little hot around my chin at some points but nothing to crazy, Can’t wait for the peeling to begin”

DAY 3 – 5


Img 5812
Day 4

By now your pigment is really starting to lift, your skin will be tight, dry and beginning to “crack” It’s VERY important not to pick or pull at the lifting skin and to be very gentle when cleansing your skin – We suggest a pair of small nail scissors to cut off any “flaps”

Your First lift off treatment is performed on day 5 to “lift off” the dead skin and pigment thats starting to come to the surface, this also helps to relieve the dry & tight feeling & reveal some of the new fresh skin underneath.


Allie ” A lot more pigment is starting to come up now and I’m feeling a lot tighter today”


Apc 0079

DAY 6 – 10

After your first enzyme you can generally begin your full morning routine again (just avoiding any exfoliants or refining products) There will still be some pigment and skin lifting and skin can feel quite dry too – In-between day 5-10 you can do a foamy lift at home to help nourish and brighten the skin.


Day 10 is your second lift off treatment, at around day 14-20 you can begin to re introduce your vitamin A and exfoliating products to the routine. Your skin will continue to change over the next three months as old damage and redundant cells move through the surface and fresh collagen and elastin are formed. The Rp can be preformed every 6-12 months.


Allie ” Skin was feeling super tight pre lift off, After my lift off it felt really good and most of the peeling has gone.”

Day10 Copy



“My skin is feeling AMAZING, after my latest enzyme it feels next level”, I cant wait to take my final before and after in 3 months time!


Another RP Review by Kris

The RP peel is a treatment I have annually and it is truly amazing what moves through! I was a solarium lover for years as a young adult and also having suffered a skin that was acne prone, I had scarring that also needed addressing. With my first RP I was in shock with how much pigmentation I had move through! My skin therapist explained in depth for me that this was sun damage and pigment that was going to eventually come up and we have made it move through faster. it was a little daunting at first to see this come up but I was assured. As the skin peeled and the new baby skin came through, I fell in love with the RP. Every winter- its my go to big treatment and I go back into my monthly prescribed enzymes by my skin therapist. Go on…do it!