Number One Age Management Cream

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At Soul Skin we believe in being confident in your own skin, This is why we work to help you achieve this within yourself! We believe confidence shines from the inside out and it’s our job to help you reach your goals! In fact your skin goals are our goal, our drive and our passion!!


So let me introduce you to The DMK Limited Edition range, specifically TransGenesis Cream.

This Age Management Skin Crème Fights signs of ageing with specific marine sourced enzymes that work to encourage cell turnover and renewal without irritation, giving the skin a smooth porcelain glow.

Traveling back in time may not be possible but DMK has learnt how to help transcend its effects on the skin.

TransGenesis Crème utilises advanced ingredients technologies to target cell renewal, firmness, elasticity and moisture retention. Its gentle exfoliating action works to reveal healthy younger looking skin while the abundance of peptides, amino acids, essential fatty acids and other nutrients support cell life. Furthermore TransGenesis encourages collagen production and assists the skin’s immune function to encourage the growth of smooth, plump and youthful skin.

It is MUST in the lead up to any event or for those who want to take their skin to the next level! 

So lets look at its Benefits:
· Gentle, non-irritating exfoliation improves texture and skin tone.
· Langerhans support improves skins immune function.
· Anti-inflammatories and antioxidants protect against damage
· Amino acids and EFAs provide the basic building blocks for cell health.
· Increased fibronectin strengthens the matrix, helping diminish fine lines and wrinkles.
· Increased collagen helps improve firmness and elasticity.
· Increased levels of hyaluronic acid result in higher moisture levels in the skin.
· Restoration of healthy skin barrier reduces TEWL (Trans Epidermal Water Loss) and
protects against environmental pathogens and irritants.


Basically its the BESTof the BEST (in fact it was originally designed for a Beverly Hills house wife who wanted a top range cream with all the best ingredients from over the world)


Not convinced – check out these review’s

Review by Wafaa

Makes your skin feel like porcelain. Hard to use another moisturiser ones you’ve tried this. It’s like flying first class 🙂

 Review by Jen

Love this cream so much!

Review by Lise

I save this as my special occasion crème as it makes my skin feel incredible. Love love love!