LED – Light Therapy Torqauy

What we can offer is our secret weapon for skin and body!

LED is an advanced light therapy treatment that safely uses powerful LED lights to correct skin imperfections, Increase collagen production, tighten the skin, plump fine lines, even skin tone and clear acne.

LED helps minimise the visible signs of ageing by stimulating the skin’s production of collagen through a safe and painless application of light to the skin – And who doesn’t want to turn back the clock a little?

This advanced light therapy restores the skin’s cells back to optimum health by detoxifying, hydrating and soothing the skin. All while reducing your cortisol (stress hormone) levels and leaving you feeling like you’ve been on a mini holiday!

Whilst most clinics offer 2 wavelengths at Soul Skin we use 7 different types of coloured light therapy and often customise a light treatment plan specifically for your skin or body concerns.

Violet – anti bacterial and eliminates toxins

Blue – anti bacterial and reduces inflammation (Violet and blue) are excellent for acne reduction and break outs

Aqua – stimulates lymphatic flow and reduces puffiness.

Green – stimulates blood flow and feeds cells and is therefor beneficial for red skins, rosacea and blood vessels

Yellow – boosts circulation and regenerates cells

Orange – stimulates collagen production and reduced pain and irritated skin (such as dermatitis)

Red – Activates ATP – which is the aerobic energy in the cell, therefor keeping cells active and alive longer

We told you…. secret weapon!