Hormonal breakouts & how i manage them

Hey Soul Skin Fam,

I wanted to take some time out to share with you all my morning skin routine.

Generally my morning go like this; Hit snooze 3 times, stumble to the kitchen for liquid gold {COFFEE} let the dog outside, morning stretches followed by a LONG shower {Sorry water bill} and then i delve into my morning skin routine which my partner zac calls “a little over the top”.

After years of dealing with my skin being up and down and try EVERYTHING out there I decided it was time for some serious change!! Don’t get me wrong, I adored the skincare I had been using, but it was becoming more and more apparent that it just wasn’t effective enough on my seemingly problematic skin.

I generally adjust my skincare daily/weekly/seasonally to fit in with what’s happening with my skin. At Soul Skin we usually recommend for clients to re asses their skin care needs with seasonal changes or as you run out of something!

These are some of the products I have found that really work for me. Some of them are what some people would class as pretty expensive but as I don’t use them everyday I get very long use PLUS they really work. I’m not suggesting you must use all/any of these but I hope there is something in here that will be helpful to you… whatever your skin type.

Now, don’t get me wrong, Zacs not joking it’s quite a lengthy regime, but healthy skin takes time and dedication – These are the products, key ingredients and techniques that are currently working for me (don’t forget everyone’s skin is different with different concerns/needs).

Step 1. My routine always begins with one thing no matter what; The DMK Deep Pore Cleanser. Using just a pea sized amount day and night, this gel foaming cleanser gets rid of impurities and contains antibacterial ingredients, without drying the skin and contains lemon which acts to brighten the skin. This cleanser goes such a long way it always amazes me how long i get out of each bottle!

Step 2.  I then apply a half pump of DMK Beta Gel and Direct Delivery Vitamin C onto my fingers, and lightly massage it into my face and neck. The Beta Gel triggers healing and also reduces redness, swelling and inflammation within the skin ( you can also use this to prevent scarring on burns and cuts too).
The Direct Delivery Vitamin C Serum is all about revising and preventing the appearance of fine lines, pigmentation, scarring, uneven skin tone and texture – Tell me someone who doesn’t need this? I’ll wait.

Step 3. To help me eliminate acne and prevent breakouts especially around that time of the month I then apply a very thin layer of the DMK ACU-KLEAR to any affected areas. This is one i don’t use every day but just when my skin really needs a boost – cya later painful hormonal breakouts!!

Step 4. This next step would have to be my FAVOURITE and where i feel i really see a difference instantly in my skin. I apply the four drops of the DMK Herbal Pigment Oil to my face and neck followed by Herb & Mineral Spray to help infuse and deliver the amazing ingredients to my cells PLUS the added benefit of massaging it into my face to stimulate circulation and blood flow.

Step 5.  I apply one pump amount of the DMK Biogen c or Cream Critique (depending on my & my skins mood) to my face, again with the help of the Herb & Mineral Spray. Biogen C is considered DMKS “glow cream” its amazing for feeling super fresh, firming the skin and vasodialation!

Step 6. The last step in my day-to-day skincare routine is to apply a thin layer Aspect Dr CC cream, which works as a barrier and protects my skin so that my skincare can work on my skin! oh and two DMK Efa’s ultra tablets of course https://www.soulskin.com.au/product/efa-ultra

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the last few months or so during covid, hormonal changes and stress it’s that the journey to ‘perfect skin’ is a process, but an exciting & satisfying one.

While I still experience hormonal breakouts { Thanks Endometriosis }, they’re no where near as severe as they once were, and my skin is glowing like it hasn’t before, with less pigmentation and redness and just an overall glow.


What are your favourite products you cant live without?