Our Skin Clinic in Torquay isn’t going anywhere!!

People often ask is you glass half full or half empty? But the question is, what is in your glass?
This is my reflection on people’s feeling about Sunday’s news. So, opinions aside, we are all here to
do the work, whether we like it or not. At Soul Skin we are still here for you.
We want to thank you for your support so far and it’s so lovely that we can see your faces from time
to time. Whether it’s a virtual online consultation, or dropping in to buy something or a wave as you
walk by, it truly is lovely to connect.
Soul Skin is here for the long term. We have been here 14 years and we aren’t going anywhere.
So keep connecting with us. Look at our online store, if you haven’t already and keep in touch.
We’ll keep you updated on appointments moving forward, via email, phone and social media.
Love from all of us at Soul Skin.