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Lockdown Sucks and at Soul Skin Torquay we have seen some of the ways stress has affected our skin, not only yours, but ours as well.  Even before Masks and “Maskne” had been required we were experiencing rashes and dermatitis appearance in our skin, being the result of our heightened levels of stress.  Some of our stories and experiences with these issues are in our recordings on our Instagram page, @soulskinbeauty

I was recently talking to someone in our industry about the issues we were having with our skin.   They expressed concern about us revealing problems with our own skin and that we should  keep this from our clients  They were concerned that by admitting even therapist have skin issues including “Maskne” that this could be damaging to our business.  When I enquired why, the response was “if you as therapists can’t have great skin then why would a client listen to you?”  My answer was, “so a doctor never gets sick?”

COVID has shown the vulnerability in people, and if we can’t be on that journey with you and show you why, what and how to fix the stress in our skin, then we are not doing our jobs. Many therapists will tell you that their motivation to become a beauty/dermal therapist was because they suffered from a debilitating skin condition at some stage.

We at Soul Skin Torquay have reversed and recovered from our skin conditions and know how to help you on your way to “seriously great skin”

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Keep well and stay safe