Book skin care correction packages & save on skin care

There’s something very exciting coming to Soul Skin in Torquay! If you want seriously great skin, we’re offering our customers an affordable way to make remarkable changes to their skins appearance and health.

A unique opportunity at Soul Skin

Skin Focus Day is coming to Soul Skin on Wednesday 21st February. We are offering skin correction packages, including:

  • DermaPen (micro needling)
  • Vitamin A peels
  • Lactic and salicylic peels
  • Oxygen treatments
  • LED treatments
  • IPL skin rejuvenation and more.

Through careful and thorough skin analysis we will devise a personal skin care plan to suit you. We will help you maintain a skin care program and mark the changes through regular consultation and photo evidence.

These treatment plans involve savings of up to 40 percent off skin care packages and up to 25 percent off all skin care.

How we live, where we live and the type of lifestyle we live can all affect our skin. From sun exposure to what we eat and drink, our skin can reflect overall health – and is often the first part of the body to show the effects of ageing.

Whether your skin is beginning to lose firmness and elasticity, showing sun spots, pigmentation or fine lines, or you just want to boost overall skin health and appearance – talk to the friendly team of experts at Soul Skin.

This exciting opportunity takes place in our Torquay salon on Wednesday 21st February. Appointments are limited and available in salon only. Skin care savings apply to all those who purchase on the day.*

Please call us on 52615560 to book or find out more.

*Terms and Conditions apply