Medi Facials Torquay

A facial is the ultimate in body treatments as your skin is treated with a variety of regenerative and restorative procedures so you feel and look fantastic. Our range of facials includes a regenerative facial and the Soul Skin hydrating facial – all facials use natural products by Advanced Skin Technology and all are performed by a qualified beauty therapist. See our prices and facials listed below and contact us for more information. We have a range of beauty salon services that are the ultimate treat for you.

Facials Pricelist

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Medi Facials

Soul Skin Medi Facial (60 mins)
Our Soul Skin Medi facial is a great way for us to get to know you and your skin and can be customised to suit the most sensitised of skins and the toughest of skins.
Calming Facial (60 mins)
Feeling, sore, sensitised, red or swollen? This treatment will calm, soothe, hydrate and revitalise your skin,
Hydrating Facial (60 mins)
Sometimes we just can’t satisfy our skin thirst. We will bring the power of Pure Fruit Enzymes to reveal clarity and radiance making way for hydration absorption with our custom mask delivering powerful anti-oxidants and hyaluronic acid. Shout your skin the thirst quenching drink it deserves.
The Green Medi Facial (60 mins)
This one will please the die-hard vegan and coeliac. Certified vegan and gluten-free this facial is relaxing and punchy, all in one hour, delivering mighty results.

High-Performance Medi Facials

Age Defining Facial (75 mins)
We’re not against ageing, we’re all for getting older, and we’d like to help you look and feel like the younger you. So everything in this facial is a little deeper and stronger penetrating, including treating your décolletage.
Problem Skin/Detox Facial (75 mins)
Acne and congested skin can occur at any age, and when this happens it can be hard to feel confident. Our solution is the Detox Medi Facial. We combine Lactobotanical Peels (20-60% in strength) together with MLD, Manual Lymph Drainage. This deeply relaxing massage of MLD reduces swelling, redness, drains stagnant impurities and clears congestion. Lactobotanical Peels are a superior and powerful alternative to Glycolic acid and provide nourishment to the skin along with the antibacterial magic of the Canadian Willowherb. One treatment will show improvement. 4- 6 are highly recommended.
Radiance Facial (75 mins)
This treatment combines a few of our favourites and will have your skin feeling and looking radiant. Deep cleansing and microdermabrasion for resurfacing, enzymatic action with anti -oxidants to clarify and fight free radicals, oxygen treatment to energise your skin cells and bringing radiance to the surface.
Oxygen Facial
One of our favourites, this 3 layered, relaxing, hydrating, brightening and lightening treatment gives your skin cells the aerobic workout needed to restore healthy bright and happy skin. Watch your after workout skin glow. Suitable for most skins.
An oldie but a goodie, since its conception in the 80’s this treatment has stood the test of time. Micro beads resurface the skin, stimulate collagen and clear congestion in one treatment. Best in a series of 4-6 treatments.
This is a great alternative to facial waxing and is incorporated into a facial routine. Removes unwanted hair and resurfaces the skin. Add a peel layer to this facial for outstanding results. Excellent prior to make up for that special day.
Eye Treatment added to facial $40
LED Facial
LED added to facial $60

Facial Skin Treatments

Skin is constantly changing depending on the weather conditions and over time as our skin matures. At Soul Skin Torquay we offer a range of facial skin treatments that can diminish fine lines, correct pigmentation and clear age spots, reduce redness and thread veins as well as correct acne and acne scarring. Our range of skin...
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